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Where are we?       Mongolia.


August 21st 2007
Parked up in Ulan, finished the race.  Knackered, smelly, hungry, thirsty (for beer).  Now to arrange extraction.
August 19th 2007
Two flat tyres later, the Silver Bullet is on its way to the Mongolian border.
August 19th 2007
About 50kms west of Krask heading for Irkutsk.  Road best described as logging track, not having fun.
August 18th 2007
Driving driving driving ever onwards.  Trying not to think about the border.
August 18th 2007
Only 2000kms to go!
August 18th 2007
46 hours of straight driving has got us to Baurnal.  Another 30 hours or so should get us to the finish - wait, whatcha mean the border's shut on weekends?
August 18th 2007
In Russia, near Barnaul heading tp Novibrosk and Irkutskaya.
August 16th 2007
On the road to Almaty!
August 15th 2007
Have left Uzbekistan, but unable to enter Khazakstan until morning. More delays. Worried about making it to the party
August 14th 2007
Another day, another embassy.  Now in very dodgy hotel in Turkmenbat after stunning drive through desert.  Early start tomorrow and off to Almaty!
August 14th 2007
Breakfast in Ashgabat, then shooting for Almaty in one go.... maybe.
August 14th 2007
Yay! Beer!  Maybe Turkmenistan isn't so bad after all...
August 13th 2007
In Turkmenistan at last, now have a whole set of other problems to worry about!
August 13th 2007
On our way at last!  Leaving Mashhad for Turkmenistan border.  Are we last?  I hope so!
August 11th 2007
Bollocks, what a was of time that was.  Never mind.
August 10th 2007
Still stuck in boring old Tehran.  Tomorrow is the last day of inaction.  Turkey or Turkmenistan - you the viewers decide.
August 7th 2007
Stuck in Tehran chasing Turkmenistan visa.  Deperately need a pint.  More tea vicar?
August 5th 2007
Denied entry into Turkmenistan as it was the last day of the visa.  In Mashhad trying to figure out what the flip to do.  Afghanistan maybe?
August 3rd 2007
Leaving Gorkan for Mashhad and Turkmenistan border.  Stressed? Moi? not me.
August 2nd 2007
Arrived in Astara lasr night after a hair raising drive down a mountain (and seeing my hair raise is scary enough).  Aiming for Goran today.
August 2nd 2007
More photos added here.
August 1st 2007
In Tabriz, desperately seeking petrol card to allow us to get petrol - aaarrghh!
July 31st 2007
Left the last of the booze, porn and christianity in a shrine to the forgotten mongoleer. Into Iran, إن شاء الله
July 31st 2007
Stayed in Erzurum, so an easy run to the Iranian border today!
July 30th 2007
It's official - Hans flies, I drive like a muddy fungller.
July 28th 2007
Bade a tearful farewell to the 'Bul.  Heading to Ankara on visa mission now.
July 26th 2007
Stopped now in Istanbul till Friday. Out now for more beers, Hurrah!!
July 25th 2007
We've just entered Turkey, pushing on to Istanbul tonight.
July 25th 2007
Just passed Sofia - Hello Doug!
July 24th 2007
Stopped for the Night in Nis, currently its 11:30pm so off for some beers and an early night :O)
July 24th 2007
Zagreb in 20 mins, it's 3AM and 21 degrees and no floods! Eastward ho!
July 24th 2007
Racing towards the Slovenian border, with Muswell Mongols in a Black Cab called General ZOD and the A-team van courtesy of Team Crazy fools.
July 23rd 2007
At the church of bones in the Czech Republic, very spooky and a bit depressing.
July 22nd 2007
Just in a hotel in Prague.  Knackered, but the beer is calling me!
July 22nd 2007
More photos added here.
July 22nd 2007
Important update:  Serious problem fixed, driver side speaker now working.  Stand down emergency rescue team.
July 21st 2007
Left Hyde Park, and made it through Belgium and on to the Netherlands.
June 2007
Got the car!

April 6, 2007

Website v1.1 goes live. WOO!

Officially starting to get nervous.

March 17th, 2007

Website (mark 0.1) goes live. YAY!
March 16, 2007
Get our place on the Mongol Rally! 

I guess we have to get out asses in gear, and start trying to sort out all the paperwork, sponsors, get out gear together.

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