The Team

After spending fifteen minutes trawling through the thee corners of Europe, we have selected only those people who meet out rigid critera of being cheap, available and silly enough to actually want to do this kind of crazy adventure. 

If they don't make it back, it's no great loss to society, trust me on this.





Nickname:                            "The Bandit" 

Position in team:                 Driver/ Fool/Glorious leader 

Age:                                        Pretty damn old 

Sex:                                         Yes, please 

Favourite food:                      Pot Noodle - Chicken and Mushroom flavour 

Secret super power:            Stupidity and Sarcasm 

Favourite Abba album:        The one with "Fernando" on 

Most likely to say:                 "Now, gettin' to Texarkana and back in 28 hours, that's no problem"


                                                 "Yeah, it would be handy if you had all the visas before we try

                                                 getting into countries"

Least likely to say:               "It's my round"

Favourite pass-time:           Beer appreciation


Despite being born in Inverness at a very young age, gordo has since gone on to achieve a CSE grade 2 in French and obtain his own credit card. Immensly popular with ladies, he broke a millions hearts when he was caught on CCTV camera footage snogging a work collegue.

Currently residing in Dublin, ireland, he like to drink, watch Big Brother and make excuses for the Scottish rugby team.



Nickname:                            "Snowman"   

Position in team:                 Driver/ mechanic/ lackey 

Age:                                        Young (and firm) 

Sex:                                         Yes, please 

Favourite food:                      Reindeer tail soup 

Secret super power:            Youth and inexperence 

Favourite Abba album:        All of them 

Most likely to say:                 "Visa? <smug grin> No, I use American Express!"


                                                 "Atlanta to Texarkana and back in twenty eight hours? That ain't 

                                                 never been done before."

Least likely to say:               "Poo, I really should have applied for that Turkmenistan visa..." 

Favourite pass-time:           Being Swedish in public


 Biography restricted to 'Top Secret Eyes and Border Officials Only'




Nickname:                            "naked Joe" 

Position in team:                 Tech supports/ backup 

Age:                                        12

Sex:                                         No, thank you, I'm English

Favourite food:                      Chips 

Secret super power:            Being Liverpudlian 

Favourite Abba album:        "Arrival" 

Most likely to say:                 "Will you marry me?" 

Least likely to say:               "I say, what jolly bad show" 

Favourite pass-time:           Stealing cars


Hailing from the sunny shores of merseyside, 'Naked Joseph' quickly learned that there was more to life than watching stolen cars race past. He began a quest to live elsewhere, and after a brief stint in scotland, which was cold, he dropped anchor at dublin port. Now living in north dublin, he realises that stolen cars racing past is not unique to merseyside. Pass-times include playing far to many games on the xbox 360, specifically; command and conquer 3. Some say, he's played C'n'C 3 so much, he's been head hunted by the US government; and that after each game, he meditates on what he's done.

All we really know about him is that he's called Naked Joe.



Nickname:                            "The Boss" 

Position in team:                 Tech support/ backup 

Age:                                        Not saying 

Sex:                                         Yes, please 

Favourite food:                      Spaghetti bolognese 

Secret super power:            Has boobies 

Favourite Abba album:        "Waterloo" 

Most likely to say:                 "'Prannet' is a real word, actually" 

Least likely to say:               "I'm pregnant" 

Favourite pass-time:           Buying shoes


 Biog not yet publically available.




Nickname:                            "Slugger" 

Position in team:                 Tea Maker/ Master mechanich/ Mascot 

Age:                                        Between 13 (mental age) and 57 (hairline age) 

Sex:                                         Yes, please 

Favourite food:                      Mum's fried brekkie 

Secret super power:            Can punch through 1 sheet of plywood when angry

Favourite Abba album:        Greatest Hits 

Most likely to say:                 "Storeeeeey bud?" 

Least likely to say:               "Tea? no thank you, I'd rather have horlicks!" 

Favourite pass-time:           Hanging around A&E departments


Micko came into existence after a gene was spliced from a Paddy and a Padd(ette). This experiment took place in Tooting in London and came to fruitition in a hospital. After a long search for his true anchestory he came to Ireland where the search continues for the doctors who created me. This has led to inevitable searches around the afore mentioned A+Es he has decided to take some time out and help with the mechanical Tea making duties, as my master needs me..

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